We submitted patent applications for our key markets

Great News, we entered the National Phase stage in every country we see as a potential market for Rutamb. This means that we submitted our patent application at the Intellectual Property bodies in every country we regard as a priority market, including (but not only) The Rugby Championship nations, the Six Nation countries, The United States and Canada.

If we obtain the patents, we shall have a monopoly over the technology for 20 years. Every Tackle Machine legally produced or sold will be made by us or by licensed manufacturers. And thus we shall set a brave new way tackles are practiced.

The Tackle Machine will provide school rugby teams with the opportunity to learn proper tackling skills without the risk of injuries. The sensors placed around the machine, on and in the dummy will provide data which will be analyzed by artificial intelligence and by any willing client in order to determine the best approaches against the next game’s opposition. It will help coaches to see which players are best prepared and track the progress of each of them in the long term.

The Tackle Machine will be available in different versions – basic, junior’s, and professional which will include any element of the Internet of things. For the parents of little players there will be special, home version which will suit perfectly in a standard backyard.

The journey is just starting. If you wish to join us or follow us, you are very welcome. We are open for partnerships and pre-orders. Just get in touch with us for a discussion.

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