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Practicing the art of tackles at unseen before level of safety and realism
The phenomenon already concerns the professional rugby.
…And the football professionals.

Is the number of missed tackles in rugby and football too high? While the answer of this question is relative, we provide a solution that can definitely decrease the rate of missed tackles.

With the new Tackle Machine – Rutamb every player has the chance to exercise his tackling skills against a fast and maneuverable dummy which goes in realistic speed and in realistic but unpredictable trajectory which imitates the famous sidestepping move.


Hello, My name is Stefan Antonov and I am a Bulgarian Journalist and Rugby Player. This page is dedicated to my invention. It is a machine that helps rugby players to improve their tackling skills. This is why I called it Rutamb.

The machine moves the tackle bag in a trajectory which simulates the one of a real game side stepper. It helps the players to miss less tackles in the games by practicing more but in realistic and safe environment. Once the product is fully developed it will come in different versions – basic, professional, for kids and for rugby 7’s.

The team which works on the development of this product includes also an architect, a designer (both of them rugby players) and an automotive engineer.


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We submitted patent applications for our key markets

Great News, we entered the National Phase stage in every country we see as a potential market for Rutamb. This means that we submitted our patent application at the Intellectual Property bodies in every country we regard as a priority market, including (but not only) The Rugby Championship nations, the Six Nation countries, The United …

Why the tackling machines are not popular but this is about to change

We have all seen how dense the modern rugby is with missed tackles. Yet, we still don’t have a training apparatus that helps the players improve their tackling skills. All exercises and methods developed so far provide either realism or safety. This means that if the coaches want to reduce the risk all exercises they …


Stefan Antonov
Bulgaria, Sofia 1582, Drujba 2, Bl. 507, B, 57
Email: info@rutamb.com